Couperin: Apotheoses

Couperin: Apotheoses

London Baroque


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“This disc is not for the casual classical music lover: the subtle art of François Couperin lacks the more obvious appeal of, say, the art of Richard Wagner. This disc is not even for the casual Baroque music lover: the refined art of Couperin's Le Parnasse, ou l'Apothéose de Corelli lacks the more immediate appeal of, say, Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons. This disc is not even for the casual Couperin music lover: the narration in French of the descriptive titles of Le Parnasse lacks the instant intelligibility of, say, English. But for listeners who know and love the subtle and refined art of Couperin, who know and love his deeply affectionate and profoundly virtuosic music, and who either understand French or are willing to open their program book, this 2001 recording by Charles Medlam's London Baroque will be a wonderful thing. The musicians perform with a richly polished tone, a warmly sensitive understanding, and a brilliantly virtuosic technique, illuminating every facet of Couperin's art. BIS' sound is so real that you can smell the rosin on the bows.”

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    1 July 2003


    Marion Schwebel