Bellini: Norma

Bellini: Norma

Cecilia Bartoli

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Bellini composed his smash-hit tragedy 'Norma' at the tender age of 25, and almost 200 years later, it remains his most popular work. It wasn't an overnight sensation, however. 'Norma' opened at La Scala on the day after Christmas in 1831, and disagreements between Bellini and Giuditta Pasta - the first Norma - and a hostile first audience made for a tricky beginning. Pasta had initially refused to sing 'Casa Diva', the opera's most famous aria, believing that it wasn't suited to her voice, and it took all Bellini's powers of persuasion to bring her around in time. After its rocky start in Milan, 'Norma' became popular around Italy and beyond, and had been performed all over Europe within a few years, notably by Wagner - a great fan of the opera - who directed a performance in Latvia in 1837. 'Casa Diva' remains a beloved and well-performed aria and is considered by sopranos to be one of the most challenging in the repertoire. In this 2013 recording, Cecilia Bartoli, famous for singing both Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano roles, takes on the title character, supported by the Orchestra La Scintilla performing the score on period instruments. read more



    Record Label

    Decca Music Group Ltd.




    January 2013

    Recording location

    Evangelisch -reformierte Kirchgemeinde, Zurich


    Arend Prohmann

    Recording Engineer

    Philip Siney