Bruckner: Symphonies Nos. 3-5; 7-9

Bruckner: Symphonies Nos. 3-5; 7-9

Sergiu Celibidache

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Few conductors are so associated with quite such an extreme way of doing things as was Sergiu Celibidache, whose performances became slower and slower as his career progressed. His famously hated recordings, so much so that in Munich, where he directed the Philharmonic from 1979 until his death in 1996, his orchestra taped his concerts without his knowledge. At one time, after WW2, he led the Berlin Philharmonic, but was cast aside when Wilhelm Furtwängler returned, finally deemed de-Nazified. Perhaps Celibidache’s most appealing performances came from the decades after this, before the pulse slowed, such as this account of Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony, caught live by DG with the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart in 1971. Though the there’s none of the glacial pace beloved by aficionados of his late work, here Celi (as he was known) directs with real momentum and rhythmic poise. read more