Beethoven: String Quartets Vol.3

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Beethoven: String Quartets Vol.3

Takács Quartet

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Young string quartets come and often go, but this one, formed by four music students in Budapest in 1975, has stuck around to become one of the most acclaimed on the planet. Original first violin Gábor Takács-Nagy gave the Takács (pronounced “tock-ash”) Quartet its name, and despite a number of changes in the lineup (cellist András Fejér is the only remaining of the original four), they’ve remained a fixture of award nomination lists and concert halls around the world. Perhaps their greatest achievement is the cycle of Beethoven quartets recorded for Decca in the early 2000s, which left critics clutching at superlatives and defined an era of Beethoven playing with its bracing, invigorating take on some of the most familiar furniture in the rep. Just a few seconds of the great declamatory chords that open the late E-flat Quartet (Op 127) will pin your ears back. read more



    Record Label

    Decca Music Group Ltd.




    20 November 2003, 21 May 2004, 23 July 2004

    Recording location

    St. George's, Bristol


    Andrew Keener

    Balance Engineer

    Simon Eadon

    Studio Personnel

    Emma Stocker