Debussy / Ravel / Webern: String Quartets

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Debussy / Ravel / Webern: String Quartets

Hagen Quartett

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The Hagen Quartett was founded by four siblings in Salzburg in 1981. Recorded in two different venues in Munich and Rapperswill, the album was released in 1994 and provides an interesting snapshot of differing compositional styles of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Although considered early impressionists, Debussy and Ravel both rejected the label. Debussy's Quartet (1893) was the only string quartet he composed. His patron at the time of writing was Nadezhda von Meck, who had also been a patron of Tchaikovsky, and the conductor Guy Ropartz believed that a Russian influence is audible in the quartet. Ravel's String Quartet (1903), also the only one he wrote, was modelled on Debussy's although their musical ideas have little in common. Debussy was a fan of Ravel's quartet, rather more so than its dedicatee, his teacher, Gabriel Fauré. In contrast to the Romantic or Impressionist nature of these works, Webern's String Quartet (1936) is a serial composition based on a note row. It premiered in the USA in 1938, and was the last piece of chamber music Webern published before his death in 1945. read more